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Toddler Leotards

Discover the charm of our toddler leotards, where comfort meets adorable style. Perfect for play, dance, or gymnastics, these leotards come in a variety of cute designs and are crafted for ease of movement and all-day comfort.

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Farrah Leotard - BlushingFarrah Leotard - Blushing
Farrah Leotard - Blushing Sale price$ 26.99 Regular price$ 37.50
Farrah Leotard - Pearl SwirlFarrah Leotard - Pearl Swirl
Farrah Leotard - CalypsoFarrah Leotard - Calypso
Farrah Leotard - Calypso Sale price$ 21.99 Regular price$ 37.50
Farrah Leotard - MarketplaceFarrah Leotard - Marketplace
Farrah Leotard - Marketplace Sale price$ 27.50 Regular price$ 37.50
Farrah Leotard - French Gray (RUNS SMALL)Farrah Leotard - French Gray (RUNS SMALL)
Farrah Leotard - Dark DahliaFarrah Leotard - Dark Dahlia
Farrah Leotard - Peachy KeenFarrah Leotard - Peachy Keen
Farrah Leotard - Peachy Keen Sale price$ 23.99 Regular price$ 37.50
Farrah Leotard - Dusty Rose (RUNS SMALL)Farrah Leotard - Dusty Rose (RUNS SMALL)