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Toddler Girl Clothes

Step into the vibrant world of Cheeky Plum's toddler girl clothes collection! Designed specifically for those playful and explorative years, our range promises style without compromising comfort. From the park to the playdate, our toddler outfits are tailored to keep up with every energetic skip, hop, and jump. The blend of charming patterns, colors, and top-notch fabrics ensures that each piece in our collection stands out, making your little one the trendsetter wherever she goes.

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Quinn Romper - Apple Of My Eye (Pre-order)Quinn Romper - Apple Of My Eye (Pre-order)
Sweet Wink Shirt - Retro Third GradeSweet Wink Shirt - Retro Third Grade
Sweet Wink Shirt - Retro Second GradeSweet Wink Shirt - Retro Second Grade
Sweet Wink Shirt - Retro First GradeSweet Wink Shirt - Retro First Grade
Sweet Wink Shirt - Retro KindergartenSweet Wink Shirt - Retro Kindergarten
Sweet Wink Shirt - Retro PreschoolSweet Wink Shirt - Retro Preschool
Sweet Wink Tutu - Purple PetalSweet Wink Tutu - Purple Petal
Quinn Romper - School House Symphony (Pre-Order)Quinn Romper - School House Symphony (Pre-Order)
Elara Knit Dress - School Spirit (Pre-Order)Elara Knit Dress - School Spirit (Pre-Order)
Cora Play Set - School House Symphony (Pre-Order)Cora Play Set - School House Symphony (Pre-Order)
Elara Dress -School House Symphony (Pre-Order)Elara Dress -School House Symphony (Pre-Order)
Annistyn Knit Dress - School House Symphony (Pre-Order)Annistyn Knit Dress - School House Symphony (Pre-Order)
Cora Play Set - ElemenopeeCora Play Set - Elemenopee
Cora Play Set - Elemenopee Sale price$ 52.00
Sweet Wink Tutu - Sparkling MermaidSweet Wink Tutu - Sparkling Mermaid
Sweet Wink Mermaid Patch T-ShirtSweet Wink Mermaid Patch T-Shirt
Myra Knit Dress - Pencil ParadeMyra Knit Dress - Pencil Parade
Brielle Shimmer Dress - Pencil Parade (Pre-Order)Brielle Shimmer Dress - Pencil Parade (Pre-Order)
Quinn Romper - Pencil Parade (Pre-Order)Quinn Romper - Pencil Parade (Pre-Order)
Cora Play Set - Pastel Orchard (Pre-Order)Cora Play Set - Pastel Orchard (Pre-Order)
Cora Play Set - Pencil Parade (Pre-Order)Cora Play Set - Pencil Parade (Pre-Order)
Quinn Romper - Pastel Orchard (Pre-Order)Quinn Romper - Pastel Orchard (Pre-Order)
Penelope Knit Dress - Pastel Orchard (Pre-Order)Penelope Knit Dress - Pastel Orchard (Pre-Order)
Quinn Romper - Elemenopee (Pre-Order)Quinn Romper - Elemenopee (Pre-Order)
Penelope Knit Dress - Elemenopee (Pre-Order)Penelope Knit Dress - Elemenopee (Pre-Order)
Brielle Shimmer Dress - Elemenopee (Pre-Order)Brielle Shimmer Dress - Elemenopee (Pre-Order)
Myra Knit Dress - Elemenopee (Pre-Order)Myra Knit Dress - Elemenopee (Pre-Order)
Penelope Knit Dress - Groovy Bus Ride (Pre-Order)Penelope Knit Dress - Groovy Bus Ride (Pre-Order)
Elara Knit Dress - Pencil ParadeElara Knit Dress - Pencil Parade
Cora Play Set - School Spirit (Pre-Order)Cora Play Set - School Spirit (Pre-Order)
Quinn Romper - School Spirit (Pre-Order)Quinn Romper - School Spirit (Pre-Order)
Ruffle Shorts - Whispering Garden (Tunic Sold Separately)Ruffle Shorts - Whispering Garden (Tunic Sold Separately)
Tunic - Whispering GardenTunic - Whispering Garden
Sweet Wink Tutu - Patriotic PetalSweet Wink Tutu - Patriotic Petal
Sweet Wink Tutu - Patriotic Star
Sweet Wink Tutu - Bomb PopSweet Wink Tutu - Bomb Pop
Sweet Wink Tutu - Bomb Pop Sale price$ 36.00
Sweet Wink Shirt - Stars and Stripes PatchSweet Wink Shirt - Stars and Stripes Patch
Sweet Wink Doodle Shirt - 4th of JulySweet Wink Doodle Shirt - 4th of July
Sweet Wink Shirt - Star Spangled Stud
Sweet Wink Shirt - USASweet Wink Shirt - USA
Sweet Wink Shirt - USA Sale price$ 32.00
Vintage Tee - Good GirlVintage Tee - Good Girl
Annistyn Knit Dress - Patriotic RexAnnistyn Knit Dress - Patriotic Rex
Quinn Romper - School DaysQuinn Romper - School Days
Quinn Romper - School Days Sale price$ 48.50
Ruffle Swim Cover - Wild OneRuffle Swim Cover - Wild One
Selah Tankini Swimsuit - Wild OneSelah Tankini Swimsuit - Wild One
Brielle Shimmer Dress - Crayon Craze (Pre-Order)Brielle Shimmer Dress - Crayon Craze (Pre-Order)
Petal Swimsuit - Wild OnePetal Swimsuit - Wild One
Petal Swimsuit - Wild One Sale price$ 40.00

Adorable Toddler Girl Clothes for Every Occasion

Make Your Little Princess Shine

Are you on the hunt for the perfect outfits for your toddler girl? Look no further than Cheeky Plum! Our boutique offers a delightful range of trendy toddler girl clothes that will make your little one feel special and stylish for any event. Let us help you dress your princess to impress!

The early years are a crucial time for developing a sense of style. At Cheeky Plum, we believe in giving your child the freedom to choose their favorite outfits. Our extensive catalog features high-quality, adorable designs that cater to every taste and occasion. From dresses to jackets, each piece is crafted to keep your child safe and stylish.

Fashion-Forward Outfits for Modern Toddlers

Every little girl dreams of dressing like their stylish parents. At Cheeky Plum, we provide a variety of modern toddler girl clothes that are both fashionable and comfortable. Our collection emphasizes individuality and helps foster a sense of style from an early age. Explore our selection and find the perfect outfit for your unique princess.

One-Stop Shop for Adorable Toddler Clothes

Forget about endless searching; Cheeky Plum has everything you need in one place. From pants and leggings to blouses and sweaters, accessories, and footwear, our user-friendly website makes it easy to create stylish looks for your little princess.

  • Sets
  • Jumpsuits
  • Dresses
  • Rompers
  • Tops & Tees
  • Pants & Shorts
  • Jackets
  • Swimwear
  • Shoes

Quality and Comfort Combined

Nothing is more important than your child's comfort and safety. Cheeky Plum carefully selects fabrics from trusted suppliers to ensure our clothes are of the highest quality. We stand by our products, offering a free return policy so you can shop with confidence.

Sizes and Styles for Every Toddler

Our collection spans sizes from 18 months to 12Y, making sure we have the perfect fit for your growing girl. Whether you're looking for a cozy 3T outfit or a chic 4T dress, our range balances quality, style, and affordability.

Outfits for Every Season

No matter the season, Cheeky Plum has you covered. Our seasonal collections ensure your child stays trendy, comfortable, and safe all year round.

Fall Fashion 🍂

As the school season approaches, check out our stylish back-to-school outfits. Our fall collection includes coats, windbreakers, jackets, and vests that your little one will love.

Winter Warmth ❄️

Stay warm with our selection of winter clothes. From cozy sweaters and hoodies to durable coats, we offer everything you need to keep your child protected and comfortable during the colder months.

Spring Styles 🌿

Transition into spring with our lightweight and stylish clothing. Our catalog features sets, sweatshirts, cardigans, and shoes to ensure your child is perfectly dressed for the season.

Summer Fun ☀️

Discover the latest summer trends with Cheeky Plum. Our collection includes rompers, T-shirts, swimsuits, and adorable dresses, all made from breathable, natural fabrics to keep your little one cool and comfortable.

Discover the Cheeky Plum Difference

Experience the joy of dressing your little girl in Cheeky Plum's delightful outfits. Our commitment to quality, style, and customer satisfaction makes us the perfect choice for all your toddler clothing needs. Shop now and let your child's personality shine through our beautiful collection.