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Girls Clothes

Discover our delightful girls clothes, where each piece is a blend of style, comfort, and playfulness. From vibrant colors to whimsical patterns, our girls' clothing is crafted to capture the joy and imagination of childhood. Whether it's a day at the park or a special family gathering, Cheeky Plum ensures your little one is always fashionably dressed. Designed specifically for little girls in sizes 6M to 12Y

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Presley Dress - Liberty LuxePresley Dress - Liberty Luxe
Nora Dress - Liberty LuxeNora Dress - Liberty Luxe
Nora Dress - Liberty Luxe Sale price$ 55.00
Selah Tankini Swimsuit - Liberty LuxeSelah Tankini Swimsuit - Liberty Luxe
Reese Swimsuit - Liberty LuxeReese Swimsuit - Liberty Luxe
Waverly Shirred Swimsuit - Liberty LuxeWaverly Shirred Swimsuit - Liberty Luxe
Penelope Knit Dress - Liberty LuxePenelope Knit Dress - Liberty Luxe
Ura Dress - Liberty LuxeUra Dress - Liberty Luxe
Ura Dress - Liberty Luxe Sale price$ 56.00
Penelope Knit Dress - All AmericanPenelope Knit Dress - All American
Penelope Knit Dress - Fluttering FreedomPenelope Knit Dress - Fluttering Freedom
Zoe High-Low Dress - Patriotic PaisleyZoe High-Low Dress - Patriotic Paisley
Desiree Set - Patriotic PaisleyDesiree Set - Patriotic Paisley
Nora Dress - Festive FreedomNora Dress - Festive Freedom
Ura Dress - Patriotic PaisleyUra Dress - Patriotic Paisley
Presley Dress - Festive FreedomPresley Dress - Festive Freedom
Cora Play Set - Festive FreedomCora Play Set - Festive Freedom
Puff Sleeve Gauze Dress - Sorbet DreamsPuff Sleeve Gauze Dress - Sorbet Dreams
Stella Dress - Patriotic Paisley (Pre-Order)Stella Dress - Patriotic Paisley (Pre-Order)
Cora Play Set - Star Spangled BloomCora Play Set - Star Spangled Bloom
Elara Dress - Star Spangled BloomElara Dress - Star Spangled Bloom
Stella Dress - Star Spangled BlossomStella Dress - Star Spangled Blossom
Sweet Wink Be Happy Short Sleeve Shirt - AquaSweet Wink Be Happy Short Sleeve Shirt - Aqua
Sweet Wink Happy Doodle Shirt - LavenderSweet Wink Happy Doodle Shirt - Lavender
Sweet Wink Tie Dye Clip SetSweet Wink Tie Dye Clip Set
Sweet Wink Tie Dye Clip Set Sale price$ 20.00
Sweet Wink Tutu - Tie DyeSweet Wink Tutu - Tie Dye
Sweet Wink Tutu - Tie Dye Sale price$ 36.00
Sweet Wink Tutu - Rainbow HeartSweet Wink Tutu - Rainbow Heart
Sweet Wink Tutu - Pastel FairySweet Wink Tutu - Pastel Fairy
Sweet Wink Tutu - Lavender ConfettiSweet Wink Tutu - Lavender Confetti
Sweet Wink Groovy Birthday Shirt - Lavender
Sweet Wink Birthday Girl Patch T-Shirt - PinkSweet Wink Birthday Girl Patch T-Shirt - Pink
Myra Knit Dress - Star Spangled BloomMyra Knit Dress - Star Spangled Bloom
Cora Play Set - Starburst SplendorCora Play Set - Starburst Splendor
Nora Dress - Starburst SplendorNora Dress - Starburst Splendor
Penelope Knit Dress - Starburst SplendorPenelope Knit Dress - Starburst Splendor
Cora Play Set - Patriotic PastryCora Play Set - Patriotic Pastry
Elara Knit Dress - Patriotic PastryElara Knit Dress - Patriotic Pastry
Eyelet Hair Bow - Freedom FlameEyelet Hair Bow - Freedom Flame
Blair Layer Skirt - American GirlBlair Layer Skirt - American Girl
Vintage Eyelet Tee - American GirlVintage Eyelet Tee - American Girl
Nora Dress - Liberty LaneNora Dress - Liberty Lane
Nora Dress - Liberty Lane Sale price$ 55.00
Myra Knit Dress - Liberty LaneMyra Knit Dress - Liberty Lane
Emma Dress - Liberty LaneEmma Dress - Liberty Lane
Emma Dress - Liberty Lane Sale price$ 52.00
Selah Tankini Swimsuit - BombSelah Tankini Swimsuit - Bomb
Danny Dress - Blue MoonDanny Dress - Blue Moon
Danny Dress - Blue Moon Sale price$ 56.00
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Shooting Star (Runs Small)Flowy Metallic Shorts - Shooting Star (Runs Small)
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Royal RadianceFlowy Metallic Shorts - Royal Radiance
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Royal Radiance Sale price$ 24.00 Regular price$ 30.00
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Iridescent DreamsFlowy Metallic Shorts - Iridescent Dreams
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Iridescent Dreams Sale price$ 24.00 Regular price$ 30.00
Desiree Set - Garden GalaDesiree Set - Garden Gala
Desiree Set - Garden Gala Sale price$ 52.00
Desiree Set - Orchid OasisDesiree Set - Orchid Oasis
Desiree Set - Orchid Oasis Sale price$ 56.00