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Baby Girl Clothes

Discover our enchanting baby girl clothes! Tailored to perfection, our collection embraces the delicate and endearing moments of your baby's first years. From the first gurgle to her initial steps, our baby clothes for girls are designed to accompany every cherished milestone. Whether it's for your newborn or a growing baby, each outfit captures the innocence and cuteness that only these precious years can offer.

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Annistyn Knit Dress - School House Symphony (Pre-Order)Annistyn Knit Dress - School House Symphony (Pre-Order)
Mesh Shaker Bow ABC'sMesh Shaker Bow ABC's
Mesh Shaker Bow ABC's Sale price$ 12.50
Mesh Shaker Bow Mer-Magic (Pre-Order)Mesh Shaker Bow Mer-Magic (Pre-Order)
Bree Backpack - Iridescent GlowBree Backpack - Iridescent Glow
Bree Clear Sequin Lunchbox - Enchanted Violet SparkleBree Clear Sequin Lunchbox - Enchanted Violet Sparkle
Cora Play Set - ElemenopeeCora Play Set - Elemenopee
Cora Play Set - Elemenopee Sale price$ 52.00
Beaded Headband - Beautiful BloomsBeaded Headband - Beautiful Blooms
Beaded Headband - Beautiful Blooms Sale price$ 15.99 Regular price$ 18.99
Beaded Headband - Butterfly BurstBeaded Headband - Butterfly Burst
Beaded Headband - Butterfly Burst Sale price$ 15.99 Regular price$ 18.99
Sweet Wink Tutu - Sparkling MermaidSweet Wink Tutu - Sparkling Mermaid
Sweet Wink Mermaid Patch T-ShirtSweet Wink Mermaid Patch T-Shirt
Sweet Wink Hat - Mermaid PatchSweet Wink Hat - Mermaid Patch
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Plum PerfectFlowy Metallic Shorts - Plum Perfect
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Cloud NineFlowy Metallic Shorts - Cloud Nine
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Fuchsia FunFlowy Metallic Shorts - Fuchsia Fun
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Mer-MagicFlowy Metallic Shorts - Mer-Magic
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Glass SlipperFlowy Metallic Shorts - Glass Slipper
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Barbie GirlFlowy Metallic Shorts - Barbie Girl
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Disco BallFlowy Metallic Shorts - Disco Ball
Flowy Metallic Shorts - Golden GlowFlowy Metallic Shorts - Golden Glow
Myra Knit Dress - Pencil ParadeMyra Knit Dress - Pencil Parade
Brielle Shimmer Dress - Pencil ParadeBrielle Shimmer Dress - Pencil Parade
Quinn Romper - Pencil ParadeQuinn Romper - Pencil Parade
Cora Play Set - Pastel OrchardCora Play Set - Pastel Orchard
Cora Play Set - Pencil ParadeCora Play Set - Pencil Parade
Quinn Romper - Pastel OrchardQuinn Romper - Pastel Orchard
Penelope Knit Dress - Pastel OrchardPenelope Knit Dress - Pastel Orchard
Quinn Romper - ElemenopeeQuinn Romper - Elemenopee
Quinn Romper - Elemenopee Sale price$ 48.50
Penelope Knit Dress - ElemenopeePenelope Knit Dress - Elemenopee
Brielle Shimmer Dress - ElemenopeeBrielle Shimmer Dress - Elemenopee
Myra Knit Dress - ElemenopeeMyra Knit Dress - Elemenopee
Penelope Knit Dress - Groovy Bus RidePenelope Knit Dress - Groovy Bus Ride
Elara Knit Dress - Pencil ParadeElara Knit Dress - Pencil Parade
Cora Play Set - School SpiritCora Play Set - School Spirit
Quinn Romper - School SpiritQuinn Romper - School Spirit
Stella Dress - RosewoodStella Dress - Rosewood
Stella Dress - Rosewood Sale price$ 34.99 Regular price$ 50.00
Beaded Headband - Painter's PrideBeaded Headband - Painter's Pride
Beaded Headband - Painter's Pride Sale price$ 16.99 Regular price$ 24.00
Ruffle Shorts - Whispering Garden (Tunic Sold Separately)Ruffle Shorts - Whispering Garden (Tunic Sold Separately)
Tunic - Whispering GardenTunic - Whispering Garden
Beaded Headband - Popsicle ParadeBeaded Headband - Popsicle Parade
Beaded Headband - Popsicle Parade Sale price$ 11.99 Regular price$ 18.99
Hat - SmileyHat - Smiley
Hat - Smiley Sale price$ 24.00
Sweet Wink Hat - Baseball Patch
Beaded Headband - Neon LitesBeaded Headband - Neon Lites
Beaded Headband - Neon Lites Sale price$ 11.99 Regular price$ 17.00
Embroidery Hair Clip Set - Blue OmbreEmbroidery Hair Clip Set - Blue Ombre
Embroidery Hair Clip Set - Blue Ombre Sale price$ 7.99 Regular price$ 9.99
Crushed Glass Bead Stretch Bracelet - Strawberry
Crushed Glass Bead Stretch Bracelet - Whale
Sweet Wink Tutu - Patriotic PetalSweet Wink Tutu - Patriotic Petal
Sweet Wink Tutu - Patriotic Petal Sale price$ 19.99 Regular price$ 36.00
Sweet Wink Shirt - USASweet Wink Shirt - USA
Sweet Wink Shirt - USA Sale price$ 15.99 Regular price$ 32.00
Annistyn Knit Dress - Patriotic RexAnnistyn Knit Dress - Patriotic Rex
Annistyn Knit Dress - Patriotic Rex Sale price$ 15.99 Regular price$ 49.50