Pencil Set - Rainbows and Unicorns

$ 9.00

This Pencil Set - Rainbows and Unicorns is an absolute magical must-have for young girls everywhere! Featuring an array of cute rainbow and unicorn sayings, this pencil set will capture their imagination and give them oodles of creative inspiration. Stick the rainbow of your dreams on paper!


* Six unsharpened HB #2 pencils, individually printed by hand with gold foil. (Except the gold pencil, which is printed with black foil.)

Featured phrases are: Believe in unicorns Swim with mermaids Chase rainbows Stay magical Sparkle more Sprinkle fairy dust

* High-quality, American-made pencils in gorgeous colors, with classic pink erasers and gold ferrules (that's the metal part that holds the eraser on — excellent "Jeopardy!" answer!).

* Pencils come sweetly packaged for gift giving.  

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