Hocus Pocus Eco Garlands/Ornaments

$ 22.00

Bring a whimsical feel to your home with our eco garlands. They have loops and extra thread at their ends, and are easy to hang on a door, window, fireplace, a baby nursery or the kids room. Add a few drops of essential oil to them and add on to the magic! Forever reusable and compostable at the end of their life.

Wool beads are 1" (2.5cm)

Space the beads 1" to 4" apart, or leave them touching. Perfect to decorate doors, walls, windows, porch, fireplace, and much more! Small: 24 beads, on 8ft (2.5m) thread ~2 ft beads touchin

Long: 48 beads, on 17ft (5m) thread ~4 ft beads touching

Garlands are individually handmade. Variations are to be expected among beads and final length of the garlands. Listing is for garlands ONLY.

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